Just for fun-crazy things.

Face in Hole site Click on the art pix. Find a piece of art, upload your photo-et voilà!
tt as Marie Antoinette! (At least I still have my head on my shoulders.)

Create your own FACEinHOLE

Gizmoz Another MmeT. production

Buildyourselfwild: animal and body parts-to make a picture-Fun!
Another MmeT production

Madrid cow statues everywhere!


BeFunky:Apply special effects to your photo, then use it in stories, etc.

Blabberize:Make a talking picture
A MmeT student production: Le Renard-Le Petit Prince

Be Tough-Take a Foreign Language

Inspiration-Antwerp, Belgium Train Station

A Wicked Deception:a translation nightmare

Where in the "heck" is Matt?

Le vélo Google à Versailles
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