Agendas for 2009-1010 district meetings

Aug. 11, 2009 Agenda

Sept. 23, 2009 Agenda

World Languages and Cultures District Meeting
Sept. 23, 2009


· News
· Committees for Spanish revision
Spanish I team:
Spanish II team:

· Activities for today-Digital tools to tell stories

· teacher sign in: iwngtpo

· Go to this site :

· I put these tools in the order I see them for difficulty of use.

· Look on left side: click: AGENDA (this agenda is online to make it easier for you to click on the sites

· to bypass filter: The username is tsdworld and the password is foreign.

· (you can also just go to digital storytelling page: look on the left in the menu)

· ( ) Use pictures, add captions and music. Very easy to use. In fct, this is the easiest.

· Animoto: ( ) Use pictures to create a story or share information. Get Animoto Education Edition: unlimited videos for you and your students. Lots like a music video. Think about changing your PowerPoint to jpg and make an Animoto

· One True Media: ( ) helps you turn your photos and video into slideshows and video montages for free. There is a 100 mg free upload per month

· PhotoPeach: ( ) Create a lively and vivid way slideshow by moving your photos like a video with your choice of background music, captions on each photo.
· Devolver: ( )an easy moviemaker with characters and scenes already available. Just add text.

· Yodio: ( ) Use Yodio to add your stories to your photos or presentations by recording to your phone and then uploading pictures.

· Stupeflix: ( ) is a site that turns your pictures, videos, and text into videos. I find these one to b the most complicated.

Your ideas for using these tools?

Which tool do you want to use first?

What are your 2 top tools from today.